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Outside academia, I have been variously employed as a programmer, algorithm developer, data analyst, mathematician, web developer, and educational author. Feel free to contact me about prospective projects.

My current private-sector projects focus on supporting international development with machine learning.


My professional experiences have led me to use many tools, including MATLAB and neural networks, various programming languages (Python, Fortran, C, R), web-friendly languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript), Objective-C/Cocoa (iOS development), and deep use of Excel (pivot tables, VBA macros, reading/writing spreadsheets with other programming languages, etc).

The specifics of various experiences are detailed below.

Accidental art created while trying to check the error in my iOS interpolation scheme for a certain beta function visually.

White Associates, R&D, LLC

Senior Consultant (Oct 2008 - Present in Seattle, WA; Toronto, ON; and Melbourne, FL)


  • Contracted with an analytics company tasked with porting some existing Fortran code used for solving partial differential equations associated with groundwater flow to AzureML-ready Python (via a particular finite difference scheme with optimized Gaussian elimination).

  • Consulted for an investment company to mathematically model financial portfolios and develop marketable institutional intellectual property for real-time static portfolio replication.

    • The methodology matched portfolios proportionally to within small error bounds to target portfolios while managing a transaction fee budget maintaining an extremely low computational budget of O(n^2) for n financial instruments.

  • Contracted with a professional poker player to optimize tournament betting strategies through a new approach to estimating equities (mentally) that consider the state of the tournament.

  • Currently developing an iOS application with various rare (to iOS) probability and statistics calculations, including features for lightweight statistical modeling and data visualization (making use of SQLite and an original graphing library).

    • High-computation functions are calculated by intelligent interpolation schemes with minimal hard-coded data where the computation-for-memory tradeoff is worthwhile, and otherwise with efficient numerical techniqes, such as numerical Fourier transforms, complex integration, and fast-converging continued fractions:

Intern with VenCorps: Community Powered Capital Project (Aug 2008 - Feb 2009 in Toronto)


  • Helped develop a community-driven venture funding platform, used for some time by the U.S. Department of Education (formerly

  • Analyzed social network patterns, user backgrounds, and past performance to build a dynamically updating system to allocate influence in community funding decisions

  • Developed scoring, ranking, and vote-weighting algorithms and methodology

  • Pre-emptively worked to mitigate gaming of the system

Spencer Trask Collaborative Innovaions

Owner/Operator (Jun 2002 - Sept 2009 in Melbourne, FL and Logan, WV)


  • Founded a boutique web presence development and support company. Served small businesses and individuals.

RTW Web Services
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