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Publications and Presentations

Presentations and Conference Talks
  • Computer Vision Beyond Image Classification. Columbus Machine Learners, AWH, Columbus, OH. Aug 23, 2021. [Slides]

  • In-Orbit Object Detection with Computer Vision. Department of Mathematical Sciences Colloquium, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL. Apr 23, 2021. [Slides]

  • Exiting Patterns of Multivariate Renewal-Reward Processes. Joint Annual Meetings of the MAA-Florida Section and FTYCMA, State College of Florida, Bradenton, FL. Feb 19-21, 2021 [Slides]

  • On the Evolution of Minimal-Volume, Sufficient-Probability Sets for Stochastic Paths.14th International Conference in Monte Carlo & Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing, University of Oxford, United Kingdom. 10-14 Aug 2020 [Slides]

  • Fluctuation Analysis in Parallel Queues with Hysteretic Control. AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. 2-3 Nov 2019 [Slides]

  • On Exits of Oscillating Random Walks Under Delayed Observation. AMS/MAA Joint Mathematical Meetings, San Diego, California, 10-13 Jan 2018 [Slides]

  • Time Sensitive Analysis of d-dim Independent and Stationary Increment Processes. AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting,  University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. 23-24 Sept 2017. [Slides]

  • Random Walks on Random Lattices and Their Applications. FIT MTH/ORP Graduate Student Seminar. 21 Apr 2015 [Slides]

  • Time Sensitive Analysis of Multivariate Marked Random Walks. SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering. Salt Lake City, UT. 14-18 Mar 2015 [Slides]

  • Time Sensitive Analysis of ISI Processes. FIT Mathematical Sciences Symposium. 8 Jan 2015 [Slides]

  • Random Walks on Random Lattices: An Operational Calculus Approach. FIT MTH/ORP Graduate Student Seminar. 30 Sept 2014 [Slides]

  • Stochastic Analysis of Strategic Networks. 38th Annual SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference. Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL. 29-30 Mar, 2014 [Slides]

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